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During our extensive R&D, together with our partner BlackBoost, we created a packages including hardware and software changes which bring the stock M156 to new heights. Multiple cam designs were tested, with varying results. Countless hours and dynotime spent in order to gain significant power, without sacrificing bottom end power or drivability. Our package consists of the following parts


Established in the UAE since more than 10 years, starting from only software upgrades in the early 2000's , we expanded and started doing our own high end engine rebuilds, focusing mainly on Mercedes AMG at the time. As time passed, we expanded and started importing quality parts from around the globe. Airfilters, Upgraded turbochargers, exhausts, intercoolers.

We became the main distributor of BMC AirFilters in the UAE, Seeing a potential to help our clients we decided to expand our team of mechanics to service high end cars here in the Middle East.

If you want to upgrade or service your high end car, there is no safer place to do so.